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Feldman Vehicle Conversions Ltd. Is a leading brand name in the Israeli market and their products are well-known for their excellent quality.

Innovation, planning, attention to detail, and meeting to the highest standards is the basis for Feldman`s uncompromising high quality. Feldman Ltd. is a leading supplier certified by the commercial vehicle importers in Israel.

Feldman has extensive experience in large-scale planning, designing, and conversion of designated vehicles for the Government Vehicle Administration, army, police, prison service, Ministry of Defense, postal service, hospitals, communication and high tech companies.

Both factories - Netanya and Ashdod branches - comprise a combined area of 6000 square meters, including planning and engineering staff, production & operation managers, quality assurance department, carpenters, welders, upholsterers, electricians, and qualified assemblers to ensure meeting tight schedules in delivering large quantities of vehicles while providing uncompromising quality and standards.

Feldman Vehicle Conversions Ltd. is a licensed installer by the Ministry of Transportation, meets the strictest demands, supervised by the "Technion" Research and Development, and is certified ISO9001 (this is an obligatory standard to work with most of the government bodies in Israel).

 Designated Vehicles
Designated Vehicles Designated Vehicles
Designated police cars.
Service vehicles.
Prisoner transportation vehicles.
Mobile postal service Conversion of military vehicles.
Deceased transportation vehicles.
Mobile-communication vehicles and optical fibers.

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