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Conversions of Commercial Vehicle
This professional area/field provides a solution for combining the staff compartment and partitioning of commercial vehicles.

Feldman Vehicle Fittings is a leading brand in the Israeli market; its products are well-known for their uncompromising quality in the market. Innovation, planning, attention to detail, and meeting to the highest standards are the basis for Feldman products` uncompromising high quality.

The commercial vehicle designated for carrying cargo has various uses: meeting technical needs, unique requests of each company, vehicle fleet requires meticulous planning, experience, and professionalism provided by Feldman`s personnel. It helps maintain the external appearance of the vehicle, safety, and fitting quality over time.
 The Staff Compartment
The Staff Compartment The Staff Compartment
Disassembling original partition and moving it behind the shifting door.
Four fixed or folding seats. Opening, supplying, and assembling a pair of windows.
Covering the vehicle floor.
Coating the vehicle partitions.
Insulation and coating the ceiling.
Lighting fixtures in the staff compartment and in the entrance door.

 The following solutions can be provided:
The following solutions can be provided: The following solutions can be provided:
To enlarge the passenger cabin area and to transport the workers and passengers on their free time.
Storage and shelving solutions Offers a wide variety of materials for floor covering of the vehicle: wood, PVC, polished aluminum. The covering of the original side panel of the vehicle in a wide variety of materials.
Various solutions for the landing area. Insulation and cooling the luggage compartment for transporting merchandise.
Opening, assembling, and providing gluing windows.
Vehicle conversion to mobile office, post, libraries, and mobile display.
Designated vehicle conversion.
Manufacturing and installing partitions made of tin and wood. Feldman offers a wide variety of other solutions for a wide range of vehicles.
Each vehicle conversion contains a product portfolio with sketches.
The installation is supervised by the department of quality assurance, the Ministry of Transportation, and the Technion.
It is also supervised by the vehicle importers from whom the company acquired their certifications.

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