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Bus Conversions - Disabled Passengers
Designing and manufacturing vehicles for transporting passengers with special needs is a developing profession.
Feldman Vehicle Conversions is a leading brand in the Israeli market. Its products are well-known for their uncompromising quality in the market. Innovation, planning, attention to detail, and meeting to the highest standards are the basis for Feldman products` high quality without compromise.

Feldman Vehicle Conversions has specialized for many years in the conversion of vehicles modified to meet the needs of physically challenged individuals.

The vehicle conversion allows the option of folding vehicle seats to fit disabled passengers special needs. Particular attention to detail is given in planning, design, and finishing to meet the needs of physically challenged individuals, including coating the folding seats, and additional covers which improve the safety of passengers with special needs. Vehicles carrying the disabled allow the transport companies, associations, and many organizations multiple-use of the vehicle throughout the day.
 Design conversions for Disabled Transportation
Design conversions for Disabled Transportation Design conversions for Disabled Transportation
Design conversions

Minibus and tiny bus special conversion for transportation.
Transportation of disabled clients.
Folding "Michal" seats, upholstered and covered seats to prevent injury. Inertia-reel seat belts. Side partitions made of durable materials.
Safety belts for all the seats.
"Auto Kor" rear air conditioner with air conditioning ducts.
Storage compartment.
Individual light for each passenger.
Mechanical/Automatic axial front door system.
Deluxe curtains. Sets of safety belts for wheelchairs.
"Parking space" for wheelchairs. Rear lift.
Certificates from the Ministry of Transportation and lab.

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