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Feldman Vehicle Conversions is an Israeli Company specializing in the production and fitting seats, other parts, and accessories for commercial vehicles.

The Company was founded in the early 70`s in Hadera as a small vehicle welding workshop. Over the years, it gained reputation and the demand for its products increased. It moved to Feldman Building in the new industrial zone of Netanya.

The company recently opened a large state-of-the-art factory in Ashdod to meet with the growing demand for larger passenger vehicles. This factory is situated near the point of delivery of the imported products, and allows for all the vehicle installations to be done under one roof. The factory is one of two factories dealing with conversions of new vehicles and also serves as a service outlet for second-hand vehicles.

Description of the Plant: The factory consists of an area of 2,600 sqm. and built to accommodate minibuses and automobiles.

Purpose of the Ashdod Branch: It is a manufacturing plant which main purpose is conversion and assembling of all fittings under one roof, high production capability leading to improvement in delivery time to customer.
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