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Shuttle Taxi Conversion
Shuttle taxi conversion and manufacturing are important functions in the company.

Feldman Vehicle Conversions Ltd. is a leading brand name in the Israeli market. Its products are known for their high quality in the market. Planning, attention to detail, and adhering to the highest standards are the company`s base of credibility and uncompromising quality.

Feldman has been one of the leading companies in conversion of shuttle taxis in Israel. The experience and quality of installation that Feldman provide is well known amongst the taxi drivers who request Feldman`s seats.

The shuttle taxi services frequently work 24 hours a day, passengers continuously come in. Therefore, high standard of the installation and fittings are of great importance as they significantly prolong the life span of the vehicle. The VIP design is of significant value in the second hand market; affects the value of the shuttle taxi in this market.

Unique feature of improved driver compartment includes a cabinet and meter which are standard fittings in all the vehicles.

Shuttle Taxi Specification
  • Inter-urban shuttle taxi with large interior space enabling quick and efficient access, entry and departure of passengers at pick-up points.
  • Inter urban taxi shuttle with large luggage compartment for suitcases.
 Shuttle Taxi Conversion - V.I.P
Shuttle Taxi Conversion - V.I.P Shuttle Taxi Conversion - V.I.P
Shuttle Taxi VIP Conversion

"Superior" ergonomic seats with washable plastic back.
Luxury folding hand rest. Three-point safety seat belts.
The plush side partitions are made of durable materials.
Individual air-conditioning opening vents.
Individual lighting fixtures for each passenger.
Mechanical axial front door system.
A cabinet for the driver complement.
Box for the meter.
Deluxe curtains.

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